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Domain & App Bundle Lists

Domain & App Bundle lists are the targeting websites your Offsite line items will choose to target or exclude. By default, all line items have the Criteo blocklists for domains (websites) and app bundles (apps) applied. You can choose to apply additional lists if there are areas you want to make sure your ads do not appear on.

Lists can be used as an include or an exclude tool.

  • Lists can be used to make Allow Lists, meaning your ads will only appear on the websites you have specified in your list.

  • Lists can also be used as Block Lists, meaning your ads will avoid appearing on those websites

How to Build a List

Accessing the List Builder Tool

  • Lists live within the Shared Library of Commerce Max. By clicking Shared Library on the top navigation bar, you can select Domain/App Lists

Building a List

  • After accessing the list dashboard, you will see a +List button on the top left corner. Click this.

  • You will then have a drop down to build a domain list, or an app bundle list.

  • Once in the list of your choice, you will see a name field at the top. Enter the name of the list.

    • Make sure the name you select is recognizable enough for you to find it when you need to apply it to your line item.

  • The next field is your actual list of domains or apps. There are a few important rules to follow when building a domain list:

    • Enter one domain per line

    • To target a specific domain, enter its exact name (

    • Adding "www." to your domains is completely optional.

    • "http" or any other https protocols should NOT be included.

    • The maximum length of each entry is 255 characters.

    • Only domain names with latin characters are accepted.

    • Each domain name must be on a new line.

    • You can upload a max of 600,000 domains.

How to apply a List

Applying a domain or app bundle list is simple.

  1. Select the line item you want to apply the list to

  2. Go to Step 4: Targeting of the line item workflow

  3. Scroll down to see Domain Lists and App Bundle Lists

  4. Select the edit icon for the format you wish to apply the list to

  5. In the pop up, search for your list name

    • Select the check mark icon to make your list an allow list

    • Select the - icon to make your list a block list

  6. Select Save and save your line item and you are all set

Domain and app bundle lists must be added to each individual line item you want to apply them too.