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How Criteo supports our customers without third-party cookies

While the world of onsite retail media is insulated from the impact of third-party cookie deprecation, offsite retail media – which enables targeting on the open internet – does require future-proof strategies moving into the future. Criteo has a multi-pronged approach to addressability for retailers and brands who advertise with retailer offsite data via Criteo’s Retail Media offering.  

 Let's take deep dive into Criteo's multi-pronged strategy that optimizes addressability support in real-time during every ad call instance.

First-party data

Criteo partners with 20,000+ retailers, brand advertisers, and media owners — hashing first-party signals from buy-side to sell-side partners to target the exact people that brands want. This maintains cross-channel addressability at scale for acquisition, retention, and re-marketing campaigns.

We use first-party data to reach authenticated users in Chrome, as well as on other browsers and environments like Safari and Firefox. This enables you to keep your data flywheel in motion with offsite strategies that drive meaningful traffic and sales onsite.

For more information, see Understanding First-Party Data.

Google Privacy Sandbox

As one of Google’s first (and largest) testing partners, Criteo is incredibly well positioned for the rollout of Topics, Protected Audiences, and Attribution Reporting APIs once real-world testing commences in January 2024.

That’s 63% of the web’s browser traffic covered.

For more information, see Google Privacy Sandbox Testing.

Closed Environments

We also connect our clients directly to highly addressable Closed Environments like Retail Media Onsite and Social, right from within our platforms.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about our addressability strategy by listening in to our Chief Product Officer, Todd Parsons, during his recorded webinar for partners here.